With her impish grin and upbeat personality Freyja Wrigglesworth is the perfect fit to play Buttons in Repertory Theatre's forthcoming production of Cinders:the True Story.
Buttons, of course, is the manservant in the home of Baron Hardup, hopelessly in love with Cinderella, and like her, very much taken for granted.

I remember Freyja playing Emmy, a child in the Helmer household in Rep's 2015 production of A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.
"I'd only been in school plays before that, not in any plays in town. When my older brother was helping out backstage in a play here about that time the whole family became quite interested in theatre," says Freyja.

Freyja's now a teenager, completing her second year at High School where she's been studying drama.
"I like the way you can play different people, have different personalities and be in someone else's skin. Buttons is pretty slow, a bit of a klutz, so it's okay if I make a mistake because that's in character, isn't it?
"Buttons is often making mistakes but he does try to make Cinders laugh when he sees she's crying , peeling the onions."

Clearly, Freyja's enjoying her role in Cinders: the True Story. Pantos are great fun, great family entertainment so I'm sure everyone will enjoy being part of the panto audience. Do come along and join in the fun.