Senior lecturer in Massey University's School of Humanities, Dr Christopher van der Krogt will be presenting the first of U3A's free lectures on ethics.

His interests lie in religious studies, primarily Christianity and Islam, and the question he poses in his talk is does religion provide an adequate basis for morality.

Religions typically claim to offer instruction on how people should conduct their lives, and the western monotheistic traditions in particular hold that God has provided humankind with specific moral guidance. In practice, the faithful have to supplement religious revelation with moral reasoning of their own, both to fill gaps in the revelation and to explain away moral perspectives that no longer are relevant.

Interviewed at the time when parents were taking children out of Christian religious education classes, Dr Krogt commented: "It is important to separate values from religion. Everybody needs values, but not everybody needs to have religion".


Dr van der Krogt speaks on Friday, November 8 at 2pm, St Andrew's Church Hall, 42 Glasgow St. Free entry. Tea, coffee and biscuit available afterwards. Koha welcomed.