Red Door Gallery in Putiki has set September aside for an exhibition of functional art.
"I've always had my head in functional art," says gallery director Peter Shepherd. With almost 20 artists displaying their work, it should be an interesting variety of art with a function.
"Functional art is taking something ... like those chairs, a normal piece of furniture, then changing it to make it still functional but with an art theme to it. Each artist will have their own interpretation of that functional art theme: the only rule is it has to have a function other than just the aesthetic," says Peter.

A mirror is functional, and if it's decorated creatively it becomes functional art. Boxes turned into artwork can still be boxes, or, if wall-mounted, shelves — functional art.

Peter's art has always had a purpose beyond the visual.
"Growing up, and not having a lot of money, we would have to take something and enhance it.
"We're hoping this will get people interested enough to come and have a look."
Peter says it's not about restoration.
"We give things another life."

Artists taking part in the exhibition are Peter and Debby Shepherd, Steve Selfe, Tina Drayton, Ross Fallen, Karen Workman, Sue Kumeroa, Jill Maas, Louise Herdman, Jan Penn, Judy Flatt, Racheal Church, Alyssia Anderson, Tina and Barry Wright, Rodger Marriott, Maria Chisholm, Tim Stubbs, Joe Yates and Fiona Thomas.
The gallery is open Thursday-Sunday, 11am-4.30pm.