The latest research in modern science and the work of Dr Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza is clearly identifying that current models of health are built on outdated ways of thinking. How long it will take to catch up who knows!

When it comes to my mental health I have no time to waste as I want the most out of my potential and of what life I have left. I've been a big advocate for self management for more years than I remember so this new leap in information and global awareness is right up my alley. So why so passionate? And why bother?

Firstly, the more self empowered I am, the less stressed I am, and the less stressed I am, the healthier I am. The work of Dr Bruce Lipton has identified that 90 per cent of our illnesses and diseases are stress related! One would think that even if we only partially believed in his research it would still be incentive enough to take more seriously. Sigh!
I feel like a broken record when I once again mention that ancient cultures have always known this, although in reality we are all descendants of an ancient culture. I digress! Not only does our own transformation impact on our health but it also can affect those around us — and yes, apparently by osmosis!

The hippies were right, it is all about the vibrations and science is now measuring all this which makes it much safer for me to talk about than ever before. And there's more! Not only does our own personal shift affect each other but collectively we can shift and raise the frequency of the planet! And what does that mean? In my layman's understanding it simply means that the more energy we have flowing through and around us the healthier the system, and we are all separate systems in one big system. There is such a lot of new research around this and I highly recommend reading the latest work by The Institute of HeartMath and Gregg Braden.


So how do we change our vibration? We lift our awareness to do the internal work to return to our own ancient knowledge, or our calling, or love, or what makes our soul sing, passions, etc. There are many ways to frame it. Pick one that works for you. The pathway there is through our emotions, so numbing our emotions will not enable this transformation, besides, numbed emotions find a way to surface.

What we try and suppress will find its way back one way or another so we may as well let the process happen smoothly and with awareness rather than through drama, conflict and chaos. It is THROUGH our feelings that we will find peace, not through avoiding them.

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