Wow! What an amazing few weeks I've had tiki touring around Arizona and New Mexico for the first week and attending Embracing Bliss Conference in the second.

Embracing Bliss is a combination of scientists, heart researchers, authors, medicine men, and more who impart their knowledge in the latest in modern science and heart coherence and the relationship to the planet. I would highly recommend it. It's held in Sedona, Arizona, which I simply can't explain in one sentence but will write about the famous vortexes another time. Needless to say the experience was something like I've never experienced before and intend to go back next year and take a small group. If you are interested please contact me because I will be organising it soon! As expected I needn't have used a plane to fly home, I was so high on energy I could have teleported home and saved myself some dollars, but then I would have missed the impressive landing in Whanganui of Air Chathams larger ATR72 which, amusingly, we passengers were not aware that this was an inaugural flight. When you land and see fire trucks on standby with their lights flashing and hoses on, it makes for a great story! What a welcome home, and appropriately matched with my own bells and whistles going off internally!

I'm so excited, and I haven't been this excited for a long, long time. What the conference reinforced was that which has been awakening in me for the last year or so anyway. There has been an urgency to unlock something in me that I have been aware of for some time but have been ignoring it because it didn't suit my linear thinking.
Well, it's too late, I'm unleashed and ready to pop! Uh oh!.. I hear some of my good friends saying.
This of course will come with some discomfort as the breaking down and losing of old paradigms will occur.
However, I shall accept these as they come and rather than being remorseful I shall embrace and trust.

I know that growth and development do not come from playing "safe" and doing the same thing today as was done yesterday. It's time to take more risks because it's only in the "not knowing" that magic happens. The "not knowing" is where our instincts and our heart talks to us, and has no filters unlike the polarity of our brains.
It is our brain that tempers these feelings with our filters — should I? ... Shan't I? But what if? etc. When our heart speaks to us it is never evil or harmful to another sentient being — never! Heart coherence is like being in love every minute of every day and every single one of us can achieve this feeling. I tell you it's better than any recreational drug or intimate relationship I've ever had. A door has been opened where there is no turning back and I for one are stepping through I hope you do too.


If you would like to know more use the link below to register for my workshop at the St Josephite Retreat Centre on 7/7/2019. I'm half full already so please don't wait too long.