What usually appears in the columns I write are a series of observations and experiences. Some topics will resonate with some while occasionally they will challenge your thinking or ask that you rally around an idea. Every topic I write about has the goal of giving you something to think about or sometimes act upon.

I enjoy writing when a question is posed, while at other times an engaging alternative is when an opinion is described that can be debated. This column today is different since I will write about our possible future. Yes, I am making a prediction that is based on past experience and an idea of what may occur. I am not certain if this will happen in our lifetime or our children's children lives. All I know is that it is best to prepare for our future with all the kindness and love in our hearts. But first some questions.
Will we live in a place of harmony as we have done (mostly), or will the current conflicts occurring in the northern hemisphere and now in New Zealand seep in to our daily lives in a manner that changes our very being? Has this harmony, or dis-harmony already happened? Will we take the terrorist activity occurring in our own backyard and around the globe more seriously, then lead the way by example with acts of compassion and kindness? Because of the massive loss we have recently suffered, I hope my predictions come true.

In the New Zealand of the future we are all working and enjoying what we do. Luck has nothing to do with success. We learn every day. We are grateful, mindful and kind. We share what we cannot use or from the abundance in our gardens with our neighbours and those in need. We support our colleagues, we help our friends and more importantly we help those we don't know. We think nicely. We speak nicely and we act nicely. We lead the world in acts of kindness. Our health improves with a positive mind set as physical, mental and emotional stamina increases with positive steps.

We communicate easily and discuss many topics that seemed foreign only months ago. Those tough conversations we dreaded having are now the new normal because if we don't resolve the issues now, newer and bigger ones will take precedent.
Life is good in New Zealand because we care about each other, ourselves and the planet.
But, life is not so great in other places. Racial, financial, political and religious divide is causing civil war in at least one dozen countries in the northern hemisphere. Immigration increases in New Zealand as we open our arms to those in need or who fear for their lives.
Debate around closing our border occurs and with a stable government the decision is to remain open. Smart, logical, creative innovations have occurred that makes vertical farming, plant based foods and clean water abundantly available. Sustainable housing from the bamboo forests planted from PGF funding continues to provide safe, warm and dry housing for all.


What will our future hold? No one knows, but it is up to each and every one of us to play a part to make sure we do not destroy this planet, ourselves or each other. It is up to us to be kind, to learn about and to embrace our differences. Every. Single. Day. It will take effort but I believe we will live in a kinder society based on what is currently happening in New Zealand, but we have to be diligent and vigilant with a compassionate awareness.