Space Studio and Gallery Christmas Night Market is on Saturday, December 15, 5.30-8.30pm at 64 Taupo Quay.

Organiser Sarah Williams says there are 23 stalls booked to fill the top floor above Space Gallery and the open air space beside the building.
"We've got the full list on our website," says Sarah. "This is our fourth Christmas Night Market."

Many stallholders are newcomers to this, although some have participated in the La Fiesta night market.
Kelly of Rope & Co makes colourful leather and polymer clay jewellery. This is her first night market.
"I'm about two months into doing this — it's all very new," she says. "I know Sarah and I have heard great things [about the Christmas Night Market]. I've missed it for the past few years having children, and I really wanted to come. The opportunity came up to have a stall so I thought, absolutely. I love people to shop local for Christmas and there is so much talent and so many great small businesses in Whanganui."
Kelly came to Whanganui from south of Dunedin via Perth. She is an engineering geologist by trade. "Before children I worked in the mining industry, here and in Australia."

Kate from Wilding & Co is new to the Christmas Night Market but got a taste of it during La Fiesta. Wilding & Co makes organic garments for children and babies.
"It's about getting out into the community, meeting other stallholders," she says. Generally they market the product on line and, as Christmas approaches, attend markets around the region.
Kate grew up in Whanganui, spending most of her teenage years here.
"I went to university and travelled, coming back here about five years ago." She has brought with her a touch of Canada in the form of an accent.
"There's something about Whanganui that pulls you back. It's busy enough, but it's also laid back. It's small enough that you can easily build a community around yourself. You don't get that in bigger cities."


Zuz and Sara from Light + Vessel make ceramics and botanical bath goods.
"We did the La Fiesta night market," says Zuz. "We met a whole different lot of people in town we hadn't seen down at the River Traders' Market, where we are each week." She says they felt connected to the artists and craftspeople operating stalls in La Fiesta. They, too, have travelled extensively before ending up in Whanganui.
"Whanganui's amazing," says Zuz. She and Sara love the architecture and can see influences from all over the world in the space of a Whanganui city block. Its central location is also an advantage.

Space Studio and Gallery has been a pivotal point for social connection and the Night Markets are testament to that, says Sarah.
"That's in terms of us being able to cater to a wider range of makers. "A lot of people say we have a huge creative scene in Whanganui. It's just giving people the opportunity ... and people love it, there's a magic about it." The 23 stalls of the Christmas Night Market represent a variety of creative Whanganui people and their wares.

In the indoor marketplace are Fleur Wickes; Craig Winton; Wilding & Co; Light + Vessel; Dennis Clark; Rita Dibert's Xcetera Boutique; Hand Me That Pencil; Montserrat & Co; Plum Plum NZ and Black Agnes.
Outside will be Ivan Vostinar; David Traub; Balance Boards; Castlecliff Creations; Happy Danglers; Susan Shand; Me2uGifts; Arbonne; Faison's Du Fromage — Let's Make Cheese; Rose Mcleod; Ruby & Ella; Rope & Co and Red Pharo.

While the market is underway, the exhibition in the gallery is Thoma Cruz' A Collection of Collections. Entertainment is by Terry Sarten and Aydie Holland, while Origins Cafe will provide coffee. There will also be a food vendor.

Space Studio and Gallery Christmas Night Market is on Saturday, December 15, 5.30-8.30pm at 64 Taupo Quay.
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