Healthy ageing is more than the absence of disease, according to the World Health Organization: "For most older people, the maintenance of functional ability has the highest importance," they say.

The team at Her Fitness agree with that statement. Having a chronic health issue like diabetes or high blood pressure is manageable with medication, whereas being unable to stand up, or even managing the activities of daily living changes everything.

So what is functional training for ageing? This means your fitness programme mirrors common daily life activities like getting out of a chair, making a bed, lifting laundry baskets, getting in and out of the car, going shopping, and gardening, etc. In older adults as fitness declines, many find it difficult to do these daily tasks or engage in enjoyable activities.

Functional training is important for all adults because our physical ability declines over a period of years.
When we have lost enough fitness to notice these changes, it's harder to build back up.
Our lack of balance and strength along with our confidence makes it that much harder to address these changes. At Her Fitness we have noticed an increase in the number of ageing women who want to "lift weights". Fortunately the misguided stigma that was attached to women and weights is a thing of the past. Women now know this type of training will keep them fit and strong in their retirement years.


Many of our older members tell us there is nothing more satisfying than to feel their bodies getting stronger so they can do more outside of the gym. Plus we work with their health professionals such as osteopaths, physios, etc, to ensure we prescribe the best exercises to keep them active.

Before we prescribe any workout programme — whether you are a seasoned gym goer or a first timer — we discuss with you your present and past medical status. Along with this and other information a specific programme is written which allows for personal goals, abilities and challenges.

So what would a functional fitness programme include? We may include pushing and pulling exercises, rising and lowering, rotation, lifting, supported balance, and a cardiovascular component. Naturally our programmes take a first rung of the ladder approach and as confidence and strength grows so do the challenges of the programme. We are well aware that the key to a long and healthy life is good nutrition and an active lifestyle. Come in and see us and find out how we can make a difference — let's keep you lifelong healthy. Her Fitness 59 Ingestre St, ph 3489121
Angela Hewson is director of Her Fitness and a qualified personal trainer.