Quantum thinking is finally getting some momentum in mainstream, which is great for someone like me whose been waiting years to stumble across a way to express what some of us have always known deep down.

So what is the quantum model? It's the belief that we can think beyond what we thought possible. It's knowing that we are more than our senses and we can go beyond our perceived limits. It's also acknowledging that the body and mind work together. The principles can be witnessed in more simple examples, however, like what makes vision boarding successful. Thanks to neuroscientists like Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Kerry Spackman we have more logical understanding about what was previously looked at as "magical" thinking. A quantum approach is about causing the effect and working with our "faith" instead of waiting for something to happen.

Neuroscientist I am not, I'm just someone who changed and continues to change my trajectory by living this. Sometimes I lose my way, but I have no regrets, because only by losing my way can I find it and make it better than ever before!

So why is quantum thinking so powerful? Because it can stretch us beyond existing thought patterns when negative ways of thinking are holding us back from living a peaceful and fulfilling life. For want of a better word, it's simply SELF hypnosis. My coaching is MORE than understanding our current thinking, there are plenty of counsellors and therapists around who can do that. My coaching is not about the past but rather the future and more to the point being part of the creation of it. Science tells us that "neurons that fire together wire together". If we accept that this science is truth, then this means that we have to be very "mindful", awake and taking responsibility for our thoughts. Our thoughts are our personal reality.


My mahi then encourages people to "think" about their "thinking". None of this is new information, it's just that now we can evidence these effects through technology and have a more succinct way of articulating it all.
So if it's so easy how come it's so hard? When we are really stressed and are in the fight or flight mode we simply don't have the energy to access this type of self management approach, and quick fixes and staying with the status quo are the most attractive and comfortable options.

I believe that's why addictions (of any kind) are on the increase as people reach out to self soothe the quickest way they can. Imagine if we had a society that accepts that by using own thinking we can change our thinking, and the fact that our brain is actually wired to do this! It's called neuroplasticity. Sure we might need some external support to begin with as we re-wire our brains, who doesn't? Things changed for me when I moved beyond my emotions but at the same time accepted that they can and have informed my life. Our emotions are at the base of every reaction, and will determine our forward movement, our staying stuck, or our decline. In order to move forward to something that hasn't yet been experienced requires a degree of discomfort which is something a lot of people try and avoid. My coaching is not for people who are not expecting to change or shift something.

Experience has taught me that if we recognise something needs to change in our lives then we need to be challenged but at the same time supported. It took me 10 years to trial many short term solutions until I eventually was left facing myself. My choices had run out and I needed to make the ultimate choice. I'm so glad I decided to check in instead of checking out. I learnt and experienced how I could change my thinking, slowly but surely which opened up my life. I'm someone who now has faith that I have the will to shift my thinking to create my reality. Sometimes I forget or fall into old patterns, WHY? Who knows ... maybe it's just another opportunity to create a another shift. But I do know I have choices now and I take full responsibility for them. The unknown no longer scares me as much and I know I have some supportive tools available to help, like Reiki, exercise, and Aura Soma colour therapy. It is only when we can look at our lives through the eyes of an observer, can we get some control over it. I believe with all my heart and soul that we have the potential to be more than who we think we are but onlyif we have the will, the right support and the discipline to practise and rehearse what we want. I call that transcendence. Contact me if you are someone who is ready to have a shift.

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