Most of the people are great most of the time. As the co-ordinator of the Bird Rescue fundraising shop I encounter this three days a week. That's all we can manage to be open. People come in and donate stuff and others come and buy it. Magic!

This little brief will be a weekly, we hope, bouquets and brick bats award for the best and the worst donations in the past week. An historic low was a gorgeous dress which the donor had cut all the buttons off, cutting a hole in the fabric for each of the 20 buttons, making the dress useless for all practical purposes because it was part synthetic and no good even for rags. The good things include a very fine guitar and a nearly new two burner gas camp cooker. Of course the good stuff outnumbers the bad four or even five to one, but that still leaves us with a lot of stuff to dump.

This week our brick bat goes to the golf bag which was left outside the shop. Stuff left outside gets stolen if it is any good. This golf bag did not get stolen. When I was cleaning it up and turned it upside down to shake out loose change (ever hopeful) two dead mice fell out. Well beyond their best before date.


The bouquet goes to the lovely person who included a shoe horn in a box of sundries. Am I that easy to please that I delight in a shoe horn? Yes, when it gives me the aha moment of realising why it is called a shoe horn. This one was beautifully carved from a cow's horn!
There's something delightful every week, so keep it coming!