Pauline Allomes has a new studio and gallery and is once again exhibiting her art in her own space.

Her new studio is in her home at 4 Barrack St and she is throwing open the door for a whole weekend for the public to see her work.
The opening weekend is September 1-2, 10am to 5pm both days.

Her home is a cute, pre-1914 cottage with large, light front rooms.
She has installed hanging tracks to exhibit her work and there is an abundance of art, mostly natural landscapes in Pauline's distinctive style.

There's a word art tree she has made on commission, created in Indian ink with a dip pen. It's complex and lifelike. She wears out a couple of nibs per piece.The words, which are crafted so as to be part of the picture, include names of people associated with the land where the 800-year-old tree grows.


There are paintings too, in vibrant colour. Her greens are so vivid, they leap from the board they're painted on.
"I like to feel you could reach out and touch them."

Pauline uses a palette knife to apply the paint.
She paints on canvas as well and has worked in pencil.
Pauline is one of the founding members of the art collective, Fine Arts Whanganui, with its Taupo Quay gallery.
It's time, she says, to go back to her own place.
"I'm free to come and go as a retired person should be."
It's called Pauline's Gallery and Studio.

Last year, for Artists' Open Studios, Pauline took a space in town as well as exhibiting at Fine Arts Gallery.
"I had 42 pieces.
"The gallery has been an amazing journey. If it wasn't for the gallery my reputation wouldn't be out there like it is now. It's just my time to move on."

For next year's Artists Open Studios, her work has a new home.
"This place suits me fine. I think I'm going to produce some good work here."

After this opening weekend viewing is by appointment only.
Ring Pauline on 02102238837 and make an appointment.