What we think becomes what we feel becomes how we respond. While it's not rocket science, it is science. Neuroscience can now prove the intangible and has become the language of philosophy and the mystical. Numerous experiments now exist proving beyond any doubt the power of our thinking and its effect on our lives. Some thoughts give us strength and are seemingly unshakable, and some thoughts don't and are also unshakable.

Thoughts are created out of our beliefs, which are generally running amok under our conscious radar. Our emotions are attached to those thoughts and beliefs and it's generally our emotions which become our deciders for us. We are emotionally driven beings no matter what way we look at it. How we are feeling on the inside definitely affects what's happening on the outside. What if we are more than who we think we are?

Neuroscience tell us that if it's possible to create these beliefs and thoughts in the first place, then it's possible to learn other ones which are better for our health. I believe we are off course with our approach to mental health. There is far too much dependency on external influences. I don't believe that there is a magic pill, potion, person, Lotto win, or whatever! Sure, all of those can help, but they aren't the key. The key to peace already exists within us, it's whether we choose to acknowledge that ability or not.

My approach is that we are so much greater than who we "think" we are. Let's consider that depression and/or anxiety, for example, has set in because we accept that we are stuck in our minds about what has happened to us or what might happen to us, and that this "condition" has totally immobilised us mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. If you answered yes to that comment then you also have to fully accept that's how powerful you are! Through our own thinking we have created a feedback loop and only we can change that by setting our compass in another direction. Often we need to seek external support with that as a springboard, not as a crutch. To choose to want to change a belief can start RIGHT NOW. Since we are our own minds, it's illogical to consider anything else.


So where do we start?
■ 1. STOP and consider that you can do something different.
■ 2. TAKE stock and spend some quiet time finding out what might bring you happiness.
■ 3. KNOW or re-remember how that feels. Imagine you've already got it.
■ 4. PRACTISE thinking and feeling that every single day — it won't happen with just one thought, it will take more, until new pathways are formed.
■ 5. STAY awake to watch the magic — Expect it!

Energy will flow where your intention goes, so be sure where your thoughts drift too, because as you think — so it shall be.

I will be at the Nourish Your Soul day on September 1 at the Girls College between 9am-5pm and would love the opportunity to talk more.
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