Wheels in Wanganui is back, and it's bigger and better than before.

Now in its second year, the huge "anything on wheels" show is scheduled to be part of Vintage Weekend, filling a large part of the racecourse on Sunday, January 21, from 10am-5pm.

"We've got more cars, more trucks and we've got carnival people," says organiser Angela Teal. "A gentleman's coming up from Levin and he's bringing bumper boats — I've got to get the fire service to fill that for me — a couple of bouncy castles, a miniature truck he gives rides on and those clown heads you pop the balls into!"
Angela is excited about the retro aspect of the latter. "That takes me back to my childhood!"

Friends and family have been helping Angela and husband Andre to organise the event and will be there on the day as volunteers. They will be recognisable by their specially printed T-shirts.


"We've also got some Wanganui Rocks out there," says Angela. These are painted rocks with free family passes to Wheels in Wanganui. Of course, you have to find them first!

All the proceeds are going to assist the work of St John Ambulance. Last year the team raised $3000 for the charity and they're aiming for more this time.

"After this I think we'll do it every second year, just because there's so much work involved. We started organising this in October."

One of the jobs has been to gather sponsors to help with the event and keep costs down. They include Watson Earthworks which paid for their page in the Vintage Weekend guide. The firm is also bringing equipment to join the big wheels — and they insist on paying to "park up".

Other sponsors came on board readily.
"Flamin' Art Tattoos gave us a gift voucher, Cactus Creme gave us $50 ... "
They also got vouchers and gifts from Victoria's T 4 2, Tasty Indian restaurant, Mint Cafe, PS Waimarie, Kebabaholic, Carpet Court, Video Ezy, Liquorland and Crazy Pumpkin.
"We've got the Van Club supporting us this year and they're bringing a bucket of stuff for a prize.

"This is great. We're still new to Wanganui but we're getting such good support," says Angela. "We got 30 sponsors last year and we got extra this year. Wanganui is so generous."

Wheels in Wanganui is a giant showground of display vehicles — cars, trucks, hot rods etc — truck rides, raffles and so much more.
If anyone is available to help with sponsorship or to assist on the day, call Angela on 027 482 4148.