It's been a rather frenetic few weeks and with an accident that resulted in a severely sprained ankle just a few days ago, it's a timely reminder to take some time to slow down.
Sometimes the universe provides us with what we need in the most unexpected of ways.
Despite this chance to take a wee rest, the demand for our service remains unchanged as we continue to process around 5000 enquiries each year.

For an agency that is managed by a sole employee [that being me] and a small team of volunteers, we don't do anything by half.

That we manage to do so much with so little demonstrates the heart we have for our work, making positive change in the lives of women right here, right now.
With a fantastic committee of dedicated governors and some wonderful supporters and sponsors we continue to look for new and different ways to champion women in our community.

Special thanks to all the generous and talented performers who supported us during our recent concert, Venus Unplugged at the Royal Wanganui Opera House on November 18. It was a star-studded feature and an unforgettable evening. With an enthusiastic and attentive audience it helped raise around $1500 to make a difference in the lives of local women who need a boost to navigate some of life's rough and tough patches.


In 30 years of continued service in Whanganui the Women's Network has always been a small organisation capable of big things. We operate on the smell of an oily rag and our innovation remains fresh. The success of our La Fiesta festival programme celebrating women and community every February/March is just one example of this.

It is the envy of much larger communities, including enquiries from as far away as Australia, Canada and England. 2018 will represent the ninth year that this programme has run in its festival format, and we have some exciting activities lined up.

We have scooped presenters from around the North Island and are very excited to be featuring Marton as a festival destination too. Look out for the full line up being revealed soon…La Fiesta launches on February 14 with a celebration of love.

Organising La Fiesta takes a huge amount of time, energy, skill and enthusiasm. As the event co-ordinator I manage this among my other duties leading the Women's Network: directly interfacing with everyone who comes in our door; providing support for our frontline volunteers; organising the administration, marketing and promotion, service development, networking, representation on a variety of advisory groups and collaborative projects, and fundraising.

Your help keeping our service running is invaluable to us and to the women and whanau we support.

Consider making a donation to us this Christmas, and we'll ensure that every penny goes toward making a difference in the lives of local women and families.
We are looking for 10 people to be star sponsors at $100 each, and 20 wonder folk to sponsor $50 each. This will help us to develop action plans for change to enable women to reclaim their self-confidence, and to make healthier choices; to support women back into work through employment mentoring and career mapping; to assist pregnant women to engage with midwives early in their pregnancy and to gain the wrap-around support they need; to provide social connection for women newly resident in Whanganui, women who would otherwise feel isolated and alone; and to find ways to ensure that all women can live safer and happier live.

To give a donation this Christmas, email: or leave a message on 345 6833. The continued success of the Women's Network depends on the support of our community. Together, we can continue to make positive change for women, and all our people.