Starting in 1995, H&A Print's Ed Boyd and Hinemoa Ransom-Boyd, with the help of local historians, have produced seven wonderful, photo-filled books called Memories of Old Wanganui, Vols 1-7.

Now, recently released and available only from H&A's shop in Purnell St, is the latest and last in the series of historic photographs of old Wanganui - Memories of Old Wanganui Vol 8.
With 103 pages of pictures from Arthur Bates, H&A, Tesla and private collections, the book contains 107 images from the city's past, depicting people and places from decades ago.

"A lot of history, a lot of information and a lot of interesting bits, too," says Ed. "It's been one of those things we do for the people of Whanganui, for their families overseas, and for the older people to remember.
"It's been a long time between volume 7 and volume 8, and that's the last of the history we ones we're going to do at this particular point in time."

Memories Vol 8 was compiled by Kelvin Adam.
It has been released now in time for postage overseas.


"We're considering doing another, either next year or the year after, of 'then and now'. In other words photos in black and white of what was around in the early days, and what's in that situation now."
H&A produced a calendar along those lines a few years ago.

Vol 8 retails at $9.90 each, with the rest of the series still available at $5 each. The whole set is worth collecting.
"It's to keep our history alive for Whanganui."
Vol 7 was produced in 2009.

Also being released by H&A is a small, promotional photographic booklet with photos by Mark Brimblecombe entitled ... a little bit of Whanganui New Zealand.
To complete the triple, H&A has produced a 2018 calendar of pictures taken by members of the Wanganui Camera Club.
"We're doing it for the Camera Club and for Whanganui at the same time."
The calendars are presented stiffened with card, envelope included and the whole package shrink-wrapped.

The H&A culture, since its beginnings as Hanton and Andersen, has been one of philanthropy and community engagement, a culture continued in earnest by Ed and Hinemoa.
Ed says it was a philosophy passed on from the previous owners.

A little bit of Whanganui New Zealand and the Camera Club calendar are available at shops including Paige's Book Gallery, Paper Plus, Lindsay's Lotto Post and More, Springvale Bookshop and Aramoho Mags and Lotto. Memories Vol 8 is only available from H&A Print in Purnell St.