Former Whanganui lad Andrew London has made a name for himself in New Zealand and overseas with his songwriting ability and musicianship.
With various bands, duos and trios, he travels constantly, entertaining large crowds everywhere he goes.

On Wednesday, October 11, he brings the Andrew London Trio to the Royal Whanganui Opera House. They are Andrew on guitar, his wife Kirsten on bass and Nils Olsen on sax and clarinet.

More than 20 years of touring has enabled the songwriter to gather material from the shearing sheds of Southland to the boardrooms of Auckland, leaving him free to pronounce on pretentious socialites, modern parenthood, male insecurities, the internet, driving habits, rugby culture, the depredations of ageing and much more.

They are subtle and occasionally subversive satirical songs about the trivia and minutiae of daily life from the point of view of a middle-aged, middle-class, Middle Earther, delivered in a deceptively innocuous 1940s swing style with occasional forays into folk, blues, country and hip-hop.


This trio carries on in the tradition of Hot Club Sandwich, which has toured extensively throughout New Zealand since the early 1990s.

The obvious opportunity for humour in these themes is eagerly seized upon and exploited mercilessly, but occasional poignancy and pathos are never far away. Beatle-esque vocal harmonies are added by Kirsten and Nils.

Wednesday, October 11, 7.30pm, Royal Whanganui Opera House, Adult $28, Senior $25, Friend $23, Student $15. Book: at the venue or