Faith City School got everyone involved when they put on a musical based on the Biblical story of Jonah.

Called 2nd Chances, it tells the tale of a modern Jonah who is told to go and open a church in Whanganui, not something he wants to do. So, with his wife Sarah and family they holiday at the beach then go on a sea cruise on a ship called Titanic. Jonah and Sarah are washed overboard in a storm and swallowed by a big fish. Now it is up to Jonah to ask God for forgiveness and a second chance.

Faith City Church was filled to capacity with a huge audience which included pupils and staff from Mosston School.

The show was well done and good fun, with every Faith City School pupil taking part in one way or another, whether it be working backstage with the set, makeup, hairstyling, or dancing, singing or acting on stage. Then there was all the technical stuff like sound and lighting.


Staff, parents and family all helped with sets, props and costumes and there were moments of simple genius, especially with scene changes.