"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein.

I have entered 'midlife' and I agree with Carl Yung. "It is a time to let go of an over dominant ego and to contemplate the deeper significance of human existence" - so I packed up my bus and headed to Feilding for the Writers' Festival. I became aware of how much from my school days I had forgotten or never listened to. Words, magic spell casting words, and word pictures and the myriad of dreams, imaginings and visions that became words on paper. People's hopes and dreams crafted for all to read, who then embarked on the challenging pathway of getting published. Now when I watch television programmes and movies, I am reminded - some brave person wrote that.

My Angels reminded me that existence is also a school, that learning place after we have forgotten what we learned at school. Existence school is where everybody is a student and God, Divine Creator (or whatever you find most comforting a name) is the only teacher.
As I listened to presentations from extraordinary writers and poets sharing their God-given gifts, I am more aware than ever that the roles of story-teller and listener are so important. Story-tellers who could receive accolades and cheers, or risk rebuff and rejection from the listeners. Listeners, who first sat cross-legged on mats in awe of the wordsmiths who told tales of voyages, miracles, love and courage, those parents, teachers, colleagues, friends and strangers. As author Bryce Courtney said, "When we cease to tell or listen, then we no longer exist as a people". So I encourage you, listen to a story teller this week. They are all around you. Arohanui.



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