Does the thought of becoming fit and healthy leave you in a cold sweat and stuck on the couch? Would you find joining a gym intimidating? Are you unmotivated to do anything? If any of this sounds familiar, then don't give up hope. To stick with your exercise routine you need a reason to start and carry on. Especially when that little voice inside your head says, "sit still and have another biscuit".

Here are our fitness inspiration tips to get you to love moving.

First timers to exercise often set unrealistic goals that are too ambitious for beginners. It's important to start small like walking for 20 minutes three times a week for one month. Once this goal has been achieved, then set another like 30 minutes three times a week for a month ... and so on.

Keeping track of your progress is a great motivator. This way you can look back on where you started and feel encouraged by the increase in your distances and times. If you work out you can see your strength gains when you record the weights you lift.


Are you an all or nothing person? Come hell or high water you've decided to work out seven days a week. But when life throws you a curve ball or you get sick and you are forced to miss a few days' exercise you give up completely. Your expectations are way too high. You may get sick and you can guarantee that life will get in the way. So be realistic, allow rest days, and be prepared to miss a few days of exercise. Then when it actually happens it's no biggie.

The old saying "if you think you can't, you won't" is true. So change your perspective and think like an athlete! If you feel guilty taking time away from your family to exercise then think again. Your family will benefit from a fit and healthy parent, and you'll be a role model in the process. Your children will be more likely to exercise as they grow up if it becomes a natural part of their lives. So now the saying goes "if you think you can, you will"!

There is nothing more motivating than seeing an entry form for a 5km walk or run. It's there in black and white, underneath the fridge magnet, staring at you, every day. Do it, enter something and challenge yourself. You will enjoy the process of working towards the day and the satisfaction of completing the challenge will be so ... motivating.
Along with the challenge of entering a competition is the fun and variety it provides. This is a key component in our exercise programmes at the gym. We regularly change programmes, offer variety with types and styles of working out because by nature as humans we need change and variety to stay motivated. So whether you vary your walks to change the scenery, join in a group fitness class with changing choreography, or vary your exercise methods, make sure you enjoy it and look forward to doing it.

If these fitness inspiration tips have helped get you off the couch and get moving then congratulations. We want to hear about your successes. If you're still undecided and need help contact us at Her Fitness on 3489121 or email