Over the past weekend 21 former Sacred Heart College Wanganui women gathered for a reunion, 30 years on from their first year at SHC.

There was a mix of boarders and day girls, including two women who travelled from Australia to join the festivities. The reunion was organised via Facebook mostly, and gained momentum over the past few months, as old friendships were rekindled and finally they met up and the laughter didn't stop for two days. It started on Friday night with a gathering at Frank Bar and on Saturday there was a walk through of the SHC Chapel, which is soon to turn 100. Then a showery walk around Virginia Lake, scene of many cross country runs and possibly sneaky cigarettes, was followed by afternoon tea and more laughs at Parnell's, and later a dinner at Element - very noisily as you would expect from 22 women finally together after 30 years.

They remembered fondly their teachers and the nuns, and school friends who had passed away too.
It was noted that several teachers are still to be seen around Wanganui. The boarders especially had good memories of their time at the hostel, where life-long friendships were forged.