It's been a big few weeks in my world. Caboodle / Vintage Weekend, the end of the school holidays, a family wedding and then there's the day-to-day stuff on top of all that... and then there is the never-ending wind that seems to blowing summer out of our grasp!
Caboodle 2017 For all of you who participated by attending, dressing up, rummaging through the flea markets, dancing the night away at the after party through to admiring the cars or playing with your children in the family zone - thank you from the entire team at Mainstreet Wanganui.
It was our biggest Caboodle to date and the turnout from our community was overwhelming. The Vintage Weekend is an iconic event for our city, bringing tourists from far and wide and it is one of our town centre retailers' biggest turnover days. Economically it is hugely important for our city but it goes deeper than that. The coming together of people to celebrate, to engage with one another in a familiar, safe environment such as Caboodle is good for the soul of the community, instilling a sense of pride in what our city has to offer and showcasing its people in hosting such vibrant events. The planning for next year has already started... watch this space!
Last week was my mother's birthday - she would have been turning 73 if she was still with us. I had dinner with three very special women in my life to mark her day. Each of these women has a reflection of my mother's beautiful qualities within them and loves me unconditionally. Surrounding myself with strong, courageous and insightful women has helped with my personal struggle of being a motherless daughter and given me a wider perspective of what being a friend is really all about. It's not about the length or breadth of your friendship nor is it about what you can get from one another, the secrets you keep for each other nor is it out of habit to just stay in touch, shallow conversations that never have much substance.
What I have discovered is the act of being a true friend is unconditional love, being able to be honest, to be who you really are, to be able to be bold, rolling in the deep conversations without fear of judgement and sometimes the hardest of all, being able to call out a friend's bad behaviour and not jeopardise your friendship. Surround yourself with likeminded and enriching people and treat people the way in which you would like to be treated. I have found train of thought to be a good measure and self-check in my journey through life.
Have a wonderful week and cultivate some kindness around you.
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