Wanganui Finance is a locally owned and operated finance company with no investors, founded entirely on Wanganui money and managed on the front line by staff with sensitivity, heart and community spirit.
Around Christmastime, the ladies at Wanganui Finance celebrate by acknowledging their clients with the donation of a gift basket to any customers who secure finance with their business.
This year, however, they decided to do things a little differently and instead made a donation to Hospice Whanganui for every new loan that was processed.
For every successful finance application during their birthday month of November, a dollar amount was donated ... meaning that the 50 or so applications in that month have yielded a fantastic $2500 for the charity.
When asked why they chose hospice, Judy told me of her personal experience when her Dad came to hospice care. As a family member of a Whanganui Hospice patient, she knows first-hand about the excellent care her father and her family received.
"It doesn't matter who you deal with there, they're all so friendly. There is a calming influence.
"My Dad came to hospice for respite care, and after not really wanting to go because he was anxious about what it would be like, he felt right at home."
Wanganui Finance manager Barb Turner says that they have had the experience of lending money to people who have needed to fund medical treatments and that's sometimes difficult.
What balances that is knowing that they've done something real and positive to make a difference in the life of their client, and there's a real sense of pride in being sensitive to individual needs.
At Hospice we're delighted that the ladies have thought of choosing to support the work we do for our patients and their families at what can be a tough time, and are so appreciative of that good heart and their kind and generous gesture.