Some things you really can't learn from a book; yes, you read it right, this advocate of reading is freely admitting that not all things in this world can be learnt from a book. For the most part you can learn lots of different things in theory but it's in the actual doing / practical that the theory is cemented and the learning takes place.

Time and time again I see individuals and groups with our community being open hearted, open minded and giving out the true essence of community spirit and aroha without a moment's selfishness. Did they learn this out of a book? Perhaps some theories around social work or around the art of giving back, but I don't believe that for the most part what I witness is born out of theory from a book.

The acts of kindness, no matter how big or small I get to see within my community is done from the heart, from a place of love, wanting to better someone with no selfish intentions in the giving. In my opinion and experience, this cannot be taught from a book.

It comes with life experience, positive role modelling by others, being the recipient of acts of kindness and the wanting to pay it forward and sometimes by simply seeing a need and feeling it in your heart and gut that you need to do something about it.


When I look at peers that were also nominated for The Pride of New Zealand Awards and the groups that were represented at The Trust Power Community Awards last year, I feel not only honoured to have stood amongst them representing The Gonville Knitting Group but in awe that there are so many individuals in our city that care and had an idea to make things better for a sector in our community. If you have an idea, be brave, talk about it, surround yourself with likeminded people, research the need and follow your heart. Little ideas can turn into amazing things for lots of people.

The Gonville Knitting Group was my little idea which was started about 4 ½ years ago with 2-3 ladies attending and at present we have about 35 ladies who belong on a weekly basis and many more knitting from home for the project. I believed in it from the start and today it is one of my proudest accomplishments.

Speaking of The Gonville Knitting Group.... The Birthright Project continues with the ladies knitting for Birthright Wanganui. We are well under way in our preparations for The Tea Cosy Project which will see an amazing array of beautifully handcrafted Tea Cosies on Gallery on Guyton from July 23 through to July 31 and the exhibition will be open from 10am-4pm daily - (excluding Sunday 26.) All tea cosies will be available for purchase with proceeds going to The Gonville Knitting Group to further the charitable work that they do in our local community.

The Whanganui Literary Festival had its 2015 Launch on Saturday held at the Gonville Café Library.

The launch was to formally announce the line-up of authors and events for 2015 to both Friends of The Whanganui Literary Trust and its sponsors.

The diversity of authors and events I am sure will please many of you book lovers out there, so please come into the library and grab the brochure for the Whanganui Literary Festival for 2015, tickets have gone on sale at The Royal Wanganui Opera House. Carpe Librum and wrap up warm!
¦For more information on any of the activities mentioned above or comments, please feel free to call in at The Gonville Café Library, email or find me on Facebook