Ivan Vostinar has been developing his studio/residence for the past ' />

If you're A Castlecliff local you might have noticed new creativity in Rangiora St.
Ivan Vostinar has been developing his studio/residence for the past two years and this summer opened the doors with regular hours for public viewing. Here you will find sculptural work, domestic ware pottery and paintings (predominantly oil on canvas).
It's a breath of fresh air driving into the beach suburb. Entering this open-plan and airy space I was delighted to see row upon row of beautiful and colourful sculptures and domestic ware, each with their own individual flair.
Ivan played down the amount of work, but I know he has been busy. Ivan's studio would be one of the largest solo studio/gallery spaces in Whanganui.
His productivity and creativity has a lot to do with his move from Wellington to the River City.
"I love the spaciousness and the light. Having the resources and space to be unlimited in creative potential is something that I have never had before. Before coming to this building I always experienced some physical limitation on creative potential."
It truly is merit to Whanganui that we should attract such a talented artist who previous to moving to Whanganui worked for two years making all the pottery for The Hobbit.
"The savings were just enough to buy this fantastic building. It's a dream come true - great neighbourhood, by the sea, a home, workshop and gallery all in one. The thriving arts community in Whanganui is the cherry on top of an already very tasty cake."
Ivan is constantly pushing himself to develop and experiment with his craft. "I'm expanding my range of slip-cast porcelain ware and there is always another solo show to work towards. Large sculptural forms made from concrete and metal are also on the agenda for later in the year."
Does he have any advice for someone thinking of entering the art world and setting up their own studio?
"You must follow your dream and passion," he says. "What's the point in not doing what you want to do in life? Making a living from the arts is difficult, however if you strive for excellence, then you will find some success."

When: March 21-29.
Guides: Available from the i-Site, from Space Studio and Gallery or at most cafes, or go to www.openstudios.co.nz