Another week has come and gone at the Gonville Café Library, a tremendously busy week with lots of inspiring things happening out of our little library. We hosted Carlton School's Reading Together Programme. There are some amazing kids doing some fantastic reading, helped along by really supportive parents, teachers and whanau. Such a great initiative and with such positive learning outcomes for our tamariki. The Peggy Project knitting group had its usual social get-together, and five blankets were handed over for Plunket. On Friday we also hosted early voting for the national election. It was terrific to see members of our community having their say politically and enjoying our library, many of whom have never visited Gonville Library before, and a few didn't even know we existed! Saturday saw the last of the Inked @ The Library live demonstrations, with our Facebook competition winner Polli Minnell getting a beautiful taa moko of her own design in collaboration with tattooist Nigel Hamahona. It was a privilege to be a part of Polli's gifting of her taa moko and hearing the story of its origin and meaning.
A full week indeed, but one that has left me still loving my work, inspired and wanting to spread the joy of libraries and of reading.

¦For more information on any of the activities call in at the Gonville Café Library, phone 344 5872 or email

Essential New Zealand Poems, Facing The Empty Page
Edited by Siobhan Harvey, James Norcliffe and Harry Ricketts
(Penguin Random House) $45.
This is a handsomely packaged collection of New Zealand's poems beginning from the 1950s.
The roll call of poets include well-known names such as Janet Frame, James K Baxter, Hone Tuwhare and Vincent O'Sullivan. The collection also brings attention to other poets and their work that, for a lot of us, would otherwise never be discovered. I am not a huge reader of poetry in my day-to-day life, the need or want for it is normally derived out of a way of expressing a moment, a tangi, a celebration or a way to convey a sentiment when I am lost for words, and yes, that does happen! However, I loved the style of the layout, the thought in the collection and eclectic mix of poets and poems held within.
I believe this collection of our poems, our people's poems, are taonga for Aotearoa and should be treasured. So, borrow it from the library, look at our collection of poetry, take a moment and relish a small piece of written art. The book is also available to buy at Paige's Book Gallery, Paper Plus and Whitcoull's.