Gary and Linda Eccleston started their water business nearly five years ago.

They moved from Wellington to Foxton Beach and found the water undrinkable, hence fitting an on-bench filter system for themselves.

Gary, a certified plumber, took it upon himself to study the water in the local areas to give residents options and solutions for a clean water supply. He studied filtration and water treatments extensively.

"We both became passionate about having a clean drinking water supply and being able to help others have nice water too," says Linda.


Their business was initially called Drinking Water Solutions and Consumables but was changed to Water and Beyond because their business has evolved to be so much more than drinking water solutions.

Linda says she doesn't understand the logic of families buying bottled water when a more cost-effective solution is available.

"People have to go to the shops to buy the water, often spending $5-10 a week. Then they must store the water at home in plastic bottles, not ideal. Then they have to dispose of the bottles."

She says drinking water benchtop options which people can, in most instances, install and change the filters on themselves start from $135 or an under bench inline filtration system fitted by Gary costs around $296. Both would pay for themselves quickly.

The couple like to give people the facts, the costs and let them make informed decisions.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ecclestons have noticed people are far more interested in living more sustainably and "what we put into ourselves".

During level 4 lockdown, their business just about ground to a halt, although they were considered essential services for parts of the business. The only work they were able to do was one emergency UV lamp installation on a rural property.

Business has now returned to normal levels and the increased interest in more healthy lifestyles has meant more customers are going to Water and Beyond from their own research and recommendations from other customers.


Shower filters are increasingly popular. Linda says the overwhelming smell of chlorine is not liked, and people inhale it into their lungs and absorb through their skin when showering.

"People don't like showering in swimming pool water."

Their own experience of filtering shower water resulted in eliminating the eczema they both suffered from.

Water and Beyond have extended their products and services to include the shower filters, UV treatment systems for rainwater, a large range of quality replacement filters, a diverse range of filtration solutions, water softeners, whole house filtration systems and much more.

Linda says making sure people have good, clean, lovely water is a passion for them both. "We are about making a difference to people's lives."

They supply households and commercial businesses with bespoke water solutions.


Gary still works as a plumber which complements the water filtration business, allowing him greater opportunities when fitting suitable, affordable solutions for the growing customer base in Foxton and Foxton Beach.

Water and Beyond have a small retail shop open at 169 Seabury Ave, Foxton Beach, on Saturdays and during the week when one of the team is available. Just look for the sign on the berm.

For more information see their website Phone Gary on 0273 745 170 Linda on 022 02212 558 or email