A Levin business helping to keep people warm and dry in winter had to employ more staff as New Zealand came out of Covid-19 lockdown to keep up with demand.

Cozy NZ owners Tahana and Kat Parker said as a non-essential business there was a period of uncertainty when Covid-19 hit three months ago and they were forced to shut the doors.

But Parker said as the lockdown restrictions eased the phone started to ring hot.

"Covid-19 put the brakes on our business as we were not deemed essential, but when the country went to level 3 we were inundated with inquiries from potential customers wanting to obtain quotes from us," he said.


"I guess because people were forced to stay home, and/or work from home, they felt they needed to look into double-glazing and ventilation systems to make their home warmer and drier."

As a result of the extra workload, Cozy NZ employed another in-home consultant to help with the inquiries, which in turn meant they had to employ an extra administration person, as well as three more fabricators for the workshop to keep up with the additional production.

"We are grateful for the support we have received and that we are able to employ more staff post-Covid-19. We are also able to help other local businesses by shopping local where we can," he said.

Cozy NZ was a completely locally-owned and operated business that had grown in the last four years to now employ 19 staff.

They stocked products like Retrofit Double Glazing, Dry Living Ventilation Systems, new aluminium insert windows and doors to replace timber joinery, new retrofit LED downlights and secondary glazing systems.

"Our primary focus is to provide products to our customers which will contribute to making their home more comfortable and cozy," he said.

"Our In-home consultants meet you at a time that suits you, and are trained to advise you of the best solution to overcome whatever issues you may be experiencing in your home.

"For example, if you are experiencing bad condensation on your windows, you don't necessarily need double glazing but may need to invest in our Dry Living Ventilation System, which has a built-in dehumidifier."


Parker said they can advise customers where they are losing the most heat in their homes and they can take full advantage of the free solar gain from the sun and how to retain the most heat in winter.

"We have solutions to help combat noise road noise or from noisy neighbours," he said.

At the end of each consultation, customers are given a printed quote and detailed information about the products they have inquired about.

"By receiving the price on the spot, you are in the best position to make an informed decision because all the information you have just obtained is fresh in your mind," he said.

The website is www.cozy.nz,and an in-home appointment can be made by calling 0800 277748 and pressing 1.