Chaineys Levin can get you anything you need.

The family-owned business, which has been on Oxford St for 35 years, sells whiteware, bicycles and all accessories such as lights and new tyres, furniture, beds, kids bikes, vacuum cleaners, TVs and stereos, stoves, barbecues, mowers, heatpumps, carseats for kids, washing machines, helmets, to name a few and they repair bikes, mowers and chainsaws too.

They also have a secondhand shop, just around the corner on Queen St West.

Owner Bryan Wilton returned home 15 years ago from an Aussie adventure.


"I had worked in the family store about five years prior to that. My wife is also from Levin and we came back to raise our family here."

He said that 10 years ago the family decided to expand the already extensive range by going into furniture and beds.

"The customers were asking for it and when the shop next door became available we decided to rent that for the bedding and furniture. We've got everything here. No need to go to Palmerston North," Wilton said.

He said he, his mum and dad and their staff of two, who have been with Chaineys for years, needed a good memory for prices, given the enormous variety of things they sell. Thanks to suppliers and their reps who visit regularly they keep up to date with the latest in each department.

Over lockdown levels 4 and 3 the shop was closed, but the Wilton had to be in regularly to deal with paper work.

"We do finance deals and have customers who regularly pay instalments, so we needed to stay on top of those."

As soon as lockdown hit the turnover went through the floor, he said.

"On the first Wednesday of lockdown we did three deliveries contactless to Ōtaki.


"Over the lockdown we could sell what we had in store and we tried to help people as much as we could. We couldn't get any new stock in, though."

He said his family has always focused on making and spending money locally and support local institutions.

"Over the years we have supplied prices to school galas, for example."

They were able to keep everyone on the payroll with government help of course and now that the doors are open again business picked up really quickly. "We are selling lots right across the board, nothing stands out."

Overall the customers have been understand though some have found the lockdown difficult.

"Especially for those who pay by weekly instalments. They often come in with cash and as they couldn't come in and pay over the lockdown because we were closed quite a few have spent that money on other things like food. In lockdown everyone's grocery bill has gone through the roof."


Chaineys do free delivery within Levin township and also offers finance deals from six to 24 months.

For more information see their website:
Chaineys, 241 Oxford St, Levin, Ph 368 4102 or email