A Levin woman with a love of markets feels the town is missing out on holding its own, especially given how many producers call the area home.

Lauren Cocks is calling for expressions of interest in a new farmers' market, with a vision of offering local produce, free range meat, handmade gifts, homeware and food.

While the venue and details are yet to be finalised, Cocks says she has received a huge positive response to her plan so far and it was looking likely it would be held at the AP&I Showgrounds.

"I have lived in Levin for two years after living in Melbourne for six years," she said.


"I missed the markets there so much and have always waited for something to be started up locally, in [Levin] itself. I've waited too long and thought back to the saying 'if you want something to be done you got to do it yourself'. So that's exactly what I'm doing."

Cocks said with the market hopefully being held at the showgrounds within the Levin township, the idea is that people can walk there, as well as there being plenty of parking if needed.

It will be held on the first Saturday of every month if possible.

She said plans include areas to sit and eat, as well as to enjoy the atmosphere.

"I love to support local businesses and always endeavour to find fresh produce which I like to teach my son about. I hope there will be lots of lessons my kids can take away from it."

The mother of two young sons - Eddie, 4, and Mack, 8 months - Cocks will be supported in her plans by her partner Ethan Yeow.

The pair have already had plenty of community feedback into the idea.

"It's more than exciting to see the community already coming together to do something that will be a monthly thing over the summer," she said.


"I will hopefully be doing a few [markets] over the winter months too but will be moving inside to keep out of the cold. The talent and fresh produce doesn't stop over winter so why would the markets?"

Cocks said there was also a poignant, family reason behind her motivation to start up the market.

"My Poppa passed away two weeks ago and I learnt so much about him in the week of his funeral," she said.

"A quote that's stuck with me that he used to say was 'think globally, act locally'. So that's my inspiration and how I will make this happen - it's this quote that has pushed me forward."

Any local growers, vendors or people interested in being part of the market can email laurenjcocks@gmail.com

Market details will be announced as soon as possible, Cocks said.