Levin residents are getting sick and tired of brazen thieves breaking into cars around the town.

On a particularly bad night recently, at least eight cars were targeted, with windows smashed and interiors and glove boxes rifled through for valuables.

One person said the ignition had also been tried, suggesting that stealing the vehicle itself may have been on the thief's agenda.

Victims had taken to social media to post about the thefts and vandalism, with many people commenting that their cars had been tampered with, however a police statement suggests not all the incidents are being reported.


Senior Sergeant Beth Purcell, Prevention South Manager, said Levin Police recorded a series of eight break-ins to vehicles in three localities - Dudley, Edinburgh Streets and Highbury Drive that occurred overnight between June 15 and 16, which suggests they are the work of the same offenders.

"The vehicles were parked on the road outside addresses with two in driveways. Within [a] two-week period these were the only break-ins to cars reported to Police," she said.

"Forensic examination has been conducted where possible and we are awaiting results."

Purcell said police needed the public to help them and want people to come forward if they know anything about the break-ins or any other crime incidents in their local area.

"Police work with our communities to prevent crime and are assisted in this by members of the public advising Police when crime or suspicious activity is actually happening," she said.

"Levin Police would welcome any additional information that the public may have to offer to help identify the offenders and hold them accountable.

"If anyone has information relating to these vehicle crimes and may know who is responsible, they can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

Levin Police Station can also be contacted on 06 366 0500. The new Police non-emergency phone number is 105.