Reading books, play with siblings or the dog, board games, gardening, art, playing with toys or Lego, writing stories were some of the options pupils at Koputaroa and Fairfield Schools have come up with to manage their time during the annual 40-hour famine.

While some opted for going without food for 40 hours, most chose to abstain from technology, and since most kids have a phone and laptop or iPad, that was no mean feat.

All were confident the hunger or the pull of a bright screen would not get to them as they came up with plenty of distractions to achieve their goal of helping others.

Koputaroa's community services club led the charge in their school as they give back to their community regularly and the famine is one of many things they do throughout the year to raise money, and something they enjoy doing.


They have raised money for Pink Ribbon, for Christmas presents for others in the community who wouldn't get one, Daffodil Day and Pink Shirt Day.

Locally they have spent time in the dementia unit at Sommerset Village to read to the residents or play games with them. They also organise the annual Ag day and held a disco.

Koputaroa School's social services club members are ready for the 40-hour famine.
Koputaroa School's social services club members are ready for the 40-hour famine.

"The school and the pupils themselves do not get any of the money raised," said teacher Becky Ward. "I am amazed at these kids who want to do something for someone for nothing."

At Fairfield School teacher Rachel Collis has discussed the plight of refugees and her students wanted to make the world a better place, so they went without food, lived on rations or went without technology.

On Friday morning they went around the school collecting donations to support their effort. Most kids were getting a fixed sum, though a few managed to get a commitment for a certain amount per hour, a strong incentive to keep it up.

For most it was the first time they'd done the 40-hour famine. They celebrated the start by wearing bright clothes to school on Friday.