If death-defying stunts and skilful acrobatics are your preferred form of entertainment, don't miss a night out at the spectacular Weber Brothers' Circus, currently based in Paraparaumu.

The internationally-acclaimed circus is in the area, the closest it will get to Horowhenua, until June 17, with daily performances of new show Adenaline - a name that is wholly deserved

A human cannonball, giant motocross stunts and a jaw-dropping finale where four motorbike riders circle each other at break-neck speed inside a globe-shaped cage are the highlights of this show, which takes place inside an atmospheric 'big top' tent that is multiple storeys high.

The show also features performances from accomplished acrobats using a variety of mediums, including aerial silks, trapeze, giant swinging contraptions and hula hoops, as well as humorous interludes with a saxophone-playing clown.


Magic and mystery make an appearance too, with an electric laser light performance by 'Energy Man' and a startling routine where a dancing couple carries out multiple, seemingly impossible costume changes, including one moment where a large bag of glitter is tipped over the woman, who emerges a split second later in an entirely different dress.

The circus is based entirely on human performances, with no animals used in the show.

It has been a well-known name in New Zealand since it started out in the early 1990s and is back on our shores after a recent six-year world tour visiting Australia, South Africa, Asia and Europe.

After its three-week-stint in Kapiti, the huge task of dismantling the big top will begin and the show moves to Whanganui.

For further information on circus show times and ticket prices visit www.weberbroscircus.co.nz