A few Horowhenua residents can get a helping hand when it comes to water storage. Prompted by social media comments, the Horowhenua District Council has secured a few emergency water supply tanks.

The idea came from Porirua City Council, which was selling tanks to its residents.
The 200-litre tanks come in green or grey and are available for $105, which is what the council paid for them.

There are only 36 tanks available at the moment, but more will be ordered depending on demand.

Horowhenua District Council Water Services Engineer Albert Hoffmann, pictured with one of the tanks, said the tanks are an investment in water security that will increase the resilience of households, particularly during water restrictions or civil defence emergencies.


You can buy the tanks from Council reception at the Civic Building, 126 Oxford Street, Levin. Installation is the purchaser's responsibility.The installation requires some basic DIY skills and tools such as a hacksaw, measuring tape, file and spirit level.

The installation steps are described in the guide included with the tank and cover base preparation, diverter installation, support strap installation and tap installation. The tanks do not require a building consent, as long as they are not raised more than four metres off the ground.

However, District Planning rules do apply which require the tanks to be sited a certain distance from the property boundary.

The distance required depends on the zone the property is located in and the size of the property. People should check with Council regarding their specific situation.

There is no legal requirement for a plumber to install the tank. However, Council will negotiate a good rate with a local plumber for customers who need assistance with installation.