Levin poet Moana Lambert (Mink) has had seven poems published in a new anthology by Z Publishing House in America.

Ms Lambert made a blog where she would post her poetry, and it was here that Z Publishing House came across her work and asked if it could be included in their next book.

The book, an anthology of poems, essays and short stories is called All at Once I Saw My Colors and is available on Amazon.

She said that when she was contacted by Z Publishing House it was a surreal surprise.


"The blog was only somewhere to put my poems. I didn't expect it to get any attention," she said.

"Being published was definitely something I wanted but I didn't expect it to happen so soon."

Ms Lambert described her poetry as romantic, inspired by strong emotions.

"Writing poetry is my way of processing those emotions."

She is currently compiling a collection of poetry and hopes to have a solo book published.

The 21-year-old is not only a talented poet and model but also a painter and studied fine arts at Massey University in Wellington.

Little Ghost
By Moana Mink

Just my little ghost now
In the lounge, spot on the carpet floor
Peripheral flicker as I pull shut the door
As red and blue react to pupils eternally,
My soul does the same with you
memories whisper as I peer to glimpse a view
That is ions away but in the same figures intriguing
Stoking the fire for the last glowing goal
Ever so warm but doomed to cool
In the evening seconds drift then go
The clouds on the sunset make points to slow
I'll not you in the corner of the room
On the off-cream wallpaper, scattered patterns a-few
In a place the everybody knows but nobody knew
I'll lie on the rug and not think of you
The cat's outside but there are paw prints on the drier
I remind myself to never call out a liar
Scribbling N.E.V.E.R on the back of my hand is redundant
The reason being that time is easy to pass in the shower
How good are appliances when you have no power?