Fairfield School students have been learning about the design and manufacturing industry through a hands-on experience at Kapinua in Levin.

The Year 5 students, called the High Fives, are divided into 10 groups of five to do core curriculum learning based on their interests, which vary from acting, event planning, first aid and culture, to experimenters, designing and broadcasting to name a few.

High Five teacher Jo Patrick said students learn better when they are doing the work themselves and creating their own understandings.

"The children's interests are used as a part of the means for learning experiences alongside formal teaching of skills and understanding in literacy and mathematics," she said.


Each group has a term goal and the goal of the designers was to create a logo for the High Fives and to get it printed on to T-shirts.

The group approached Kapinua for help, and owner-operator Ingo Schleuss was more than happy to involve the children in the process.

Mr Schleuss was an advocate of industry in schools and teaching the student using a hands-on approach, he said.

"They are learning about the technology involved in the process. It helps them understand that T-shirts don't just come off a coat hanger," he said.

Mrs Patrick said Kapinua had been fundamental in helping the design group see their goal realised from start to finish.

"The interest groups are able to learn primarily through real life experiences," she said.