Whoever said 'nothing comes free' was proven wrong when a supplier and retailer joined forces to gift a new chainsaw to a "good guy" after his own was stolen while he was carrying out volunteer work.

John Brown was clearing away shrubs at Levin Uniting Church, when he put down his chainsaw and walked around to the back of the building to dispose of the branches and cuttings.

When he returned, he found that an opportunistic thief had made away with his chainsaw.
Levin Uniting Church parish clerk Allen Little rang Husqvarna head office looking to replace the stolen chainsaw.

He said as soon as Husqvarna's regional manager heard what had happened, it wasn't long before he got a call from Andersons Outdoor Machinery in Levin to say it had been sorted, that a new one would be gifted to Mr Brown.


Mr Little said Mr Brown is 'one of the world's good guys'.

"He's a hard working volunteer who does so much for the church and wider community from the goodness of his heart, but keeps it all under wraps," he said. "We're delighted with how it's all worked out, it's just awesome."

Andersons Outdoor Machinery sales manager Shane Leger said after hearing the story about what Mr Brown does for the community, it was a "no-brainer".

"Husqvarna called us and we decided to cover half the cost each," he said.

However, the generosity didn't stop there, with Andersons also gifting oil and safety gear to go with the new chainsaw, and when Mr Brown brings it in for its first service, they will engrave the chainsaw with his name. Mr Brown said he was not only very surprised but also happy and grateful.