I had almost forgotten about what high school was like until I went to see School Dance, a hilarious take on geeks dealing with the dilemma of one friend turning invisible.

Perms and shoulder pads may not have been my era but this depiction of dorky teens resonated with my high school years in a way that left me highly entertained and reminiscing on the way home.

The story is about three losers on a mission to get to their school dance, but something else happens as the trio sets off on a strange and fantastical journey to escape the school bully, impress the girl, and save the world.

This laugh-out-loud production is for anyone who's ever felt different at high school; it's all about being brave, facing your own self-loathing, and coming out on top.


Costume and set designer Ian Harman must be mentioned for his outstanding creativity and imaginative uses of the stage.

Harman has been designing at Centrepoint Theatre since 2005 and School Dance is his 26th show there.

Former Levin woman Darlene Mohekey who has stepped into the director's role for the first time at Centrepoint Theatre, has done an outstanding job, all in all a nostalgia-filled ride with tantalising surprises straight out of the imagination.

¦ School Dance runs until April 29 on Wednesday 6.30pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8pm, Sunday 5pm. Centrepoint Theatre, 280 Church St, Palmerston North.