Shona and Ian Welsh are a partnership and building their dream business.
They said it was nice to save the former chenille factory building at the northern end of the Turakina township, where they have opened Turakina Antiques and Collectables.
Mrs Howe, who was born in Turakina, said the family always had a bach at Turakina Beach.
While a student at Turakina Primary School, the building was the town's sports centre where she came to play.
In the 1980s, Mrs Welsh used to visit the antique dealer who traded from the building.
"He bought all our grandfather's furniture.
"I was upset that the furniture was sold because a lot of it came out on the Second Fleet with my family and I used to come here and he let me sit on the bed."
After working at the ANZ in Marton, Mrs Welsh lived in Queensland for 16 years.
But 10 years ago she decided to return home for two years, and as fate would play its hand in the best laid plans, she met the man would be her husband and was "swept off her feet".
Mr Welsh is also the owner of Welsh's Joinery, in Marton, and has put his expertise to work in the building they bought in March last year.
The couple have spent almost a decade collecting, and when the house got full, and the building which Mrs Welsh had always coveted was offered for sale at the right price, their plans were set in motion.
There was a lot of remedial work to do, and with the help of their best man Michael "Bounce" Byers and Mrs Welsh's father Gary Austin, they braced internal walls, installed new front windows and interior walls for three different retail spaces for the antique shop, which they would like to let, Scotty's Gifts and Collectables, and the cafe at the rear.
They plan to have the cafe up and running in about a year's time.
They have also bought three acres next door that stretches out to the east, which Annabell's Cafe will open out on to.
"We are both foodies and will grow organic food for the cafe," Mrs Welsh said.
The couple attend auctions, but find it hard as collectors to be dealers.
"We find the treasures and polish them up. People don't seem to have the sentiment for old pieces."
Turakina Antiques and Collectables, SH3 Turakina, opening hours are 10.30am-5pm, closed Thursdays, 027 240 8712, 06 327 3617