A Dangerous Building Notice has been issued in relation to part of an almost five-year-old commercial Whangarei building after advice from a structural engineer.

Whangarei District Council building compliance manager Paul Cook said the notice had been issued on 70 Porowini Ave, which is owned by Porowini Investments and houses Pacific Motor Group (PMG). PMG holds multiple vehicle sales franchises, including for Mitsubishi and Suzuki.

"We have issued a Dangerous Building Notice in respect of the Mitsubishi and Suzuki Centre at 70 Porowini Ave, based on advice from a structural engineer," Cook said.

"We are currently working with the owner to make the building safe. The owner has been co-operative and is not using the affected parts of the building until they can be made safe."


The notice says it is the showroom area that has been deemed dangerous and restricted entry applies. That part of the building must remain vacant except for the purpose of carrying out the remedial work.

All the work can be performed under the emergency works provisions of the Building Act 2004, so no building consent is required, but a Certificate of Acceptance must be applied for once the work is completed.

He said parties involved with the construction of the building are currently involved in litigation and the council will not comment any further.

Whangarei company Hill Construction was in charge of the PMG build. Owner Wayne Hill said as the matter was in litigation he could not comment.

Porowini Investments director and PMG manager Hamish Sheard said the companies were working with the council and doing what was in the best interests of PMG's 75 staff and its many customers. Sheard also declined to comment further.

PMG is continuing to operate and it is understood there is no danger to the general public from the issues identified by the council. The PMG Building was opened in late 2012.