A female driver was able to crawl from her vehicle with minor injuries after losing control on a possible diesel spill on Ngaumutawa Rd yesterday evening.

Masterton firefighters and Wellington Free Ambulance attended the scene in rainy conditions near the rail crossing by Upper Manaia Rd, with the woman's boyfriend also turning up after she called him for help shortly before 7pm.

She was taken to Wairarapa Hospital to be checked.

Fire crews used a chain to pull the vehicle upright, and the team pushed the car to the kerb.


Police believe a diesel spill between Upper Manaia Rd and West Bush Rd could have contributed to the crash.

Constable Dana Johanson said the spill "was highly likely to have played some role.

"Where she's crashed, there's quite a lot [of diesel]."

Rain would bring a recent spill to the surface, she said, and demonstrated how slippery it was under her feet.

"A witness said she came around the corner at a responsibly slow pace, but until we make further enquiries we won't know."