A grieving Clareville family are trying to the find the couple who stopped to help their dying dog after it had been hit on the highway.

Gordon Clode is "devastated" at the death of Tammy, a 5-year-old hunting companion, struck by a car on State Highway 2 between Clareville and Carterton on Sunday about lunch time.

Two couples travelling in separate cars who witnessed the dog being hit stopped to help - one, unknown to the family, went to the family home on Monday with a bunch of flowers and the family want to thank them for going out of their way.

The other couple, Tim and Sarah Wolland, picked up Tammy, taking her to the veterinary clinic where she died in her owner's arms from her injuries.


Mr Clode's granddaughter Jaimee Muir posted a message on Facebook seeking the unidentified good Samaritan.

The unknown couple pulled Tammy from the road, covering her with a towel to keep warm before passing on their condolences to the family.

"I was so still so upset I never even got her name ... I'd really like to thank her.

"I was just like a zombie when she came here. I felt terrible."

She thinks Tammy, who has never left the farm before, was chasing rabbits when she inadvertently ran on to the highway into traffic travelling at 100km/h.

"She's stock trained. Never goes anywhere or near the road ... we're overrun with rabbits at the moment and we think she might have seen one and chased it. She's a gun dog."

Tammy was a life saver, helping in the rescue of Mr Clode, who has heart problems, when he slipped into a creek with his gumboots filling with silt, trapping him armpit deep in the creek.

"Tammy at his side as always went crazy and ran back to the farm house barking non-stop to get our attention until we followed her back to granddad. She was very loyal.


"And it's nice to know she had loving people caring for her and comforting her at the end."

Miss Muir longs to now thank the woman in the red car, with short black hair and a small tattoo on the back of her neck who arrived with a bunch of flowers and compassion after Tammy died.

"I would love to find them and thank them properly for the kindness they showed my family, especially our girl Tammy.

"It makes the healing process a wee bit easier with beautiful caring souls like these in the world," she said.