They prefer soccer and cricket to skipping, but Wobetu Bitul, 8, and Ashneel Prakash, 9, jumped as best they could to celebrate Owairaka School's recent Heart Foundation success. The boys are members of the school's team of health promoters, which was set up two years ago to encourage pupils to eat healthy food and to exercise. Under the guidance of teacher Blair Christison, the team of 10 students has changed the canteen menu to get rid of chips and pies, brought in ``fruity Fridays'' and promoted sport at lunchtimes. Those changes have now been recognised with a Silver Heartbeat Award from the Heart Foundation. ``It's wonderful,'' says Ms Christison. ``Each class has focused on what we can do to make the school better. We have really changed the rules a lot.'' Health promoter Julie Adams, 11, says most pupils have stopped buying pies and junk food from the local dairy and all are eating more fruit. ``We have a sports shed that is open every lunchtime now so everyone goes and plays T-Ball,'' she says. Heart Foundation health promotion co-ordinator Justine Casey says Owairaka is the first school to go straight to a silver without a bronze. This year they are going to go for gold. by Lauren Mentjox