Once you've discovered it, it's essential to stick with the palette that is right for you.

With technology changing so quickly and new products and new techniques being introduced, we can never know all there is to know about design.

I completed my qualification in interior design 14 years ago, before setting up my business. Since then I have continued to learn and have added more qualifications - in kitchen design and personal colour and styling.

I have always had an interest in personal colour and wearing colours that make you feel good and suit your colouring. It is just an extension to the "holistic" approach I have to my work. If you feel fantastic and what you are wearing expresses who you are then it's only natural that your home should follow those guidelines. How many of us live like this?

If someone compliments you on the colour you're wearing or your clothes then they are not working for you. However, if they compliment you on how fantastic you look then the colours and the clothes are working for you. In one the colour or the style is noticed and not you, and in the other you are noticed because you look great in what you are wearing.


Our homes are no different. They are an extension of our personalities and the way we live. You can't put a vivacious, gutsy, fun-loving personality into a white minimalistic home.

The same goes for a conservative, natural, classic personality living in a home decorated in bold colours with lots of clutter. Can you imagine how that person would feel with no natural or softer tones or open spaces flowing to the outdoors? Colours for the home tend to stem from catwalk fashion. In the past, colour and style for the home tended to be a few years behind and in some countries up to a decade before they filtered through. Today, with the speed of media, we have the two pretty much in sync.

But it isn't just about colour and style. Texture and pattern play a huge part, and getting the right mix can be challenging. All elements need to be considered to get the right balance for the "body" or "home" to look complete, regardless of whether you are working in the trends or colour and style to suit your personality or era of your home.

We often know when something isn't working but find it difficult to tmake it work.

Many of us will have seen trends that made us cringe and fortunately were shortlived. It amazes me how quickly some of the elements of those trends come back in vogue and we say "Why"? It didn't work last time.

My philosophy hasn't changed in my years of business. I'm about working with a holistic approach, creating harmony with colour, texture and style to enhance my client's wellbeing and lifestyle - it's that simple!

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