iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2021: Meet Your 43 Finalists

Viva is proud to announce the talented designers sharing their perspectives through their designs for this year's coveted fashion design showcase

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Country: Argentina

Cindy and Martina’s collection is a curious hybridisation. It’s partly nomadic, partly high-octane everyday wear that sees PVC meet mesh and leather. A shiny, neon-pink vest, worn over a white blouse, has long, detachable pockets that drape down as if the front of a dress; a blue coat, angular yet full of volume, references the Argentinian gaucho, the nation’s itinerant horsemen. That these garments are multifunctional, designed to be unzipped and unbuttoned, rolled up and reconfigured, speaks to the duo’s knack for creating clothes that walk the line between sportswear and utilitarian chic.

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