Commonwealth Games boxing champion David Nyika has been reunited with gold medal after it was stolen from his car in Hamilton three weeks ago.

"I didn't expect to get it back which makes it almost more of a shock to get it back than to win it in the first place.

"It's a little beat up, a little bit bruised some of the ribbon is beaten up. It's still fresh enough to show at schools is a massive bonus.

"I could probably get it cleaned but, like, it adds to the story, eh?"


The 22-year-old heavyweight said he had been inundated with phone calls from media and was just looking forward to being able to share his medal with the community.

"I owe a lot to not only the police but also friends and family, we had so many people wanting to help, we had so many leads just through social media, so it's really a team effort."

Police say investigations were ongoing and would not say how the medal was recovered.

But Nyika has one message for whoever took his medal.

"Just don't do it again, maybe. The good guys always win."

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