Conor McGregor, the Irish UFC star, has claimed he is retiring from MMA after a turbulent 12 months in and out of the octagon.

The 30-year-old said on Twitter he had decided to retire "from the sport formally known as "Mixed Martial Art".

"I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition," he added.

McGregor was defeated by Khabib Nurmagomedov in a UFC lightweight title bout in October after which a brawl broke out with members of the Russian's support team arrested.


McGregor was arrested and charged with robbery in Miami earlier this month after allegedly stamping on a fan's mobile phone.

And in April 2018, McGregor was filmed throwing a steel dolly through a bus window in Brooklyn, which had a number of UFC staff and fighters on board.

Multiple people were injured in the incident, including fellow UFC fighters Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, who suffered injuries and had to be removed from their scheduled fights.

McGregor reached a plea agreement with the District Attorney. He originally faced a possible 12 criminal charges, including two counts of criminal mischief.

His plea agreement included paying full restitution to the bus company for damages, completing five days of community service and attending an anger management programme.

McGregor, from Crumlin, Dublin, was a trainee plumber on the dole 10 years ago, but rose quickly through the ranks of the UFC and became one of the sport's leading fighters, winning world titles in two weight divisions.

At the peak of his stardom in August 2017, he reportedly earned $100 million for a boxing match with another combat superstar, Floyd Mayweather Jr, in Las Vegas.
Profile: Conor McGregor
Born: Dublin, 14 July 1988 (age NaN)

Title: Former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion
Nicknames: The Notorious, Mystic Mac


Early years: Just six years ago McGregor was picking up a dole cheque and has worked as a trainee plumber.

Famous fight: In December 2015 McGregor defeated José Aldo, one of the greatest pound for pound mixed martial artists, to win the UFC featherweight title. Aldo had not been beaten for 10 years and McGregor knocked the Brazilian out in 13 seconds.

Big bucks: McGregor is one of the highest-earning MMA fighters, and was paid an estimated $10m fighting American Nate Diaz, even though he lost

Weight: A featherweight champion, McGregor was stepping up two weight divisions - 25 lbs - to welterweight in order to face Nate Diaz. In retrospect, it was a step too far. He currently competes in the lightweight division.

Boxing: Building on an early career as a boxer, in 2017 McGregor pushed for a showcase boxing match against retired champion Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather won the resulting match by technical knockout, preserving a 50 fight unbeaten record.

Irish icon: McGregor has become a huge star in Ireland, capturing the zeitgeist for the younger generation, with sharp suits, a hipster beard and inspirational speeches. Yet he is a polarising figure amongst fans in the sport of mixed martial arts.