The hurricane which devastated much of the northern Caribbean made landfall in the States last week, bringing with it a tidal surge.

Arriving on a 'king tide' the storm surge brought by the category 4 Storm led to flood warnings in the north eastern coast of Florida. Fortunately the high tide was far lower than anticipated, with most of the United states largely unscathed.

Instead of storm damage Hurricane Dorian brought something completely unexpected to one Florida resident.

According to the Miami Herald, Corinne Hogan was sat in her home in Palm City, near Stuart when she heard something splashing around in her backyard.


"First, I thought it was an alligator," Hogan told the Herald. "Then I looked out the window and saw it was a manatee. I was shocked."

The high tide had brought a sea cow inland, which was a bizarre shock for Hogan to find in the space where her lawn used to be.

"The tide is so high we actually have a manatee swimming in our backyard right now," Hogan speaks over the recording, saying the sea cow was welcome to graze her lawn.

Florida escaped with relatively little damage to persons and property, although the effects of the hurricane were felt as far afield as the Carolinas.

However, the Bahamas and islands of the north Caribbean suffered the brunt of the hurricane.

The Bahamian government reported massive distraction and at least 50 people killed as of Monday.

As the rescue and rebuild continue the cruise industry, which has a large presence out of Florida and the Caribbean, has been stepping up immediate-short term response.

Norwegian Cruise Line in particular has been using vessels Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Sun to transport supplies to support shelters in Nassau for Abaco evacuees.