A man from the Czech Republic has been left devastated after his wife, who became ill during a holiday in Bali, died at a hospital in Kuta.

Eliska Frank, 33, was on a dream holiday when she became sick during her second week on the island.

According to the Daily Mail, Mrs Frank started vomiting and fainting before being admitted to hospital.

The next day, Mrs Frank was transferred to Kasih Ibu General Hospital in Denpasar for emergency surgery, which is when her husband — Martin — flew to the Indonesian island from their home in Prague.


Upon arrival in Bali, Mr Frank made a desperate plea on Facebook for anyone in Bali to donate blood to save his wife.

"Hello, I am trying to find anybody with Blood A- or 0- to donor blood to my wife," his post on June 30 read.

"She is on Intensive care unit at BIMC Hospital Kuta and she needs blood.

"She has stomach bleeding and her life is in danger. Please anybody if you know someone, let us know. We are desperate."

His post received more than 260 comments, and soon after surgery, Mrs Franks' chance of survival looked positive.

"I'm touching how many great people are in Bali, in Australia and in our Czech Republic overall," he said.

"We found donors from which we have three units of blood and — I hope that's enough.

"Eliska is now after surgery, she's fine. I believe everything will be OK, she is a great warrior. Thank you very much for everything."

Martin and Eliska Frank. Eliska died while on holiday in Bali.
Martin and Eliska Frank. Eliska died while on holiday in Bali.

But tragically, the surgery and donations weren't enough to save her life, with Mr Frank announcing his "princess" and "best friend" had died.

"Unfortunately, I have to announce with great sadness that my princess, the best friend and wife eliska lost her fight for life this afternoon in Bali," Mr Frank wrote on Facebook.

"Unfortunately, her heart didn't handle the demanding and long treatment she had here. I will never forget the wonderful and best 10 years of my life I have lived with her. I will love you forever sweetheart."

A friend of Mr Frank posted a heart-moving tribute on Facebook about the loss of Mrs Frank.

"I thought I wouldn't have to write this message," the friend wrote.

"Today (at) approximately 9PM Our time forever lost Eliška's fight and stopped her heart. "Thank you so much to all who helped by sharing, offering help or just a mission of energy. It brought great hope that everything would turn to the better again, unfortunately the journey after which Eliška went had its end closer than we expected."

News.com.au has contacted Kasih Ibu Hospital in Denpasar for comment.