A street gunfighter show in Wyoming will use a real firearm for the first time since an actor mistakenly wounded spectators with live ammunition three years ago.

Actors stage the Wild Bunch gunfighter show for tourists visiting the town of Cody.

Organiser Kenny Martin tells the Cody Enterprise this year's shows will begin with a woman shooting a real shotgun loaded with blanks into the air.

"A gal will shoot a double-barrelled shotgun in the air a couple of times and say, 'Let's get this show on the road,'" said Martin, a long-time member of the western re-enactment group, describing the new routine.


"Boom, boom, and that's it."

The introduction of the shotgun into the act marks the first time in three years since a live weapon has been in the show.

Actors in the show have been using prop guns with blocked barrels since 2017.

In 2016, an actor mistakenly loaded live ammunition in a real gun. He wounded three spectators when he fired the gun during the act.

The accident shut down the show for the rest of that season.

While the popular gun-slinging show returned the following year, safety measures had been tightened up following the shooting.

The Wild Bunch must still notify the police chief of any cast changes or alterations to the play, and it is up to the chief to grant permission for firearms to be discharged.

Starting, June 3 the daily show will be back causing a commotion six times a week.

In 2011 three tourists were shot and injured in a similar incident at a Wild West show in Hill City, Dakota.

The 'Dakota Wild Bunch Reinactors' [sic] group disbanded after the event. After four years of performing without incident, the troupe declared that there "would be no more gunfights in the city."

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