Ish Cheyne, head of fitness at Les Mills, shares top tips for staying in shape on the road.


Have a personal trainer write you a bodyweight-based programme with moves like push-ups, star jumps, and burpees, etc. Trainers are really good at coming up with ideas — tell them you are going to Fiji, and they'll give you a beach workout.

2 A great DIY hack for a programme you can do anywhere is to deal out a deck of playing cards four at a time. The number on the cards represents the repetition and the suit is an exercise. For example three of hearts might be three shuttle runs, and six of diamonds would be six push ups. You just go all the way through the deck and it takes about 30 minutes.


3 For the traveller who might not have access to a gym space in a hotel or resort, there is an inexpensive piece of equipment called the TRX.
It is essentially a strap that can hang off a tree or a door frame and you can find heaps of push and pull movements and routines for it online. It doesn't take up much more space than a T-shirt in your luggage.

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